Reach More Customers with Attention-Grabbing Digital Signs

The benefits of using digital signage are plentiful. Depending on your needs, you can display public information, local events, and corporate messages. The digital signs can also display product information. This information could include pricing, raw materials, suggested uses, and recipes. Advertising on digital signs can be related to the location of the sign or the audience it can reach. With these features, digital signs can help you promote your products and build brand recognition. Listed below are some ways that digital signage can help your business.

Places, where people tend to stop, are good locations for digital signs. These are places where people gather or hang out. The screens should be unobstructed, free from obstructions, and at eye level, which is the average height of your audience. Once you’ve selected the location, it’s time to plan the design. You’ll want your signage to draw people’s attention and have it be readable from every angle. Whether you’re looking to advertise your business or promote a product, you’ll want to consider its design.

LED displays have become popular and affordable. The price of a 13’11″x47’9″x47’9″ sign with a 20mm pitch costs $224,551. In addition, LED message centers don’t need to be replaced for years, whereas other types of signs require regular updates. That way, you get the highest return on your advertising dollars. You’ll also get the most bang for your buck.

Digital signs are highly functional. You can use them to display advertising, informational videos, and animations. You can even connect them to the internet via Wi-Fi or LAN. Many of them feature high-definition resolution (HD) capability. Digital signs make it possible to reach a wide audience with the same message. So, if you have an outdoor space, consider using a digital sign. A highly functional digital sign will help you reach more customers and retain your competitive edge.

LED display varieties are extremely durable and weather-proof. They can withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions and are often protected with an external cabinet. LED displays are also extremely easy to maintain and can be removed for component replacement. LED display types can be monochrome, full color, or even double-sided. These signs can be customized to fit your business’s needs. All of these features make them perfect for outdoor signage. There are many benefits of LED signage.

The convenience of using digital signage is one of its biggest advantages. It allows businesses to easily update content and create memorable experiences for customers. Since content can be changed remotely, digital signage is an efficient marketing solution. It also lets you customize your digital signage to meet your business’s unique needs. By presenting customers with the most relevant information, your business will stand out from the competition. Whether you choose subtle or interactive digital signage, you can count on an impactful and lasting impression.

Digital advertising signs can be scaled quickly. Using digital signage advertising software, agencies can easily deploy additional screens. Content can be easily changed, and the size of your network can grow without difficulty. Unlike static signs and brochures, digital signage lets you change the content of your advertisements on the fly. By changing the content, you can keep your brand’s message up-to-date and attract new customers. You will never be bored with your advertising again!


Important Considerations Before Hiring A Skilled DUI Defense Attorney

Hiring the best DUI Defense Attorney

If you are facing a DUI charge, you need to hire the best DUI defense attorney you can find. There are several things that you should look for when hiring a lawyer. One of the most important things is their experience. Many attorneys don’t have experience in every case, but they know how to get the right answers quickly. If you aren’t sure if a lawyer has experience, try to get recommendations from other people. Make sure to get a list of potential lawyers before hiring a DUI attorney. If You’re looking for a good and experienced DUI attorney, visit at for guidance and free consultation.

While cost is an important consideration when hiring a DUI attorney, price is not the only factor. An expensive DUI defense attorney doesn’t necessarily mean better representation. The price you pay should be balanced against their education and experience. If you have a strict budget, it is best to look for the best representation for your case within your budget. In addition, you should hire a DUI attorney with a good reputation in the community.

Lastly, look for a DUI attorney with a good relationship with prosecutors and judges. A good DUI attorney will have a positive relationship with these people, and will be able to negotiate a good deal for you. Make sure the DUI attorney you choose has experience handling the type of case that you are facing. This way, they can provide you with the right defense that will help you get a good outcome.

A good DUI defense attorney should be able to use all of their resources to maximize your chances of winning. The police have many resources at their disposal, and the attorney should be able to anticipate these tactics and challenge the prosecution’s claims. A good DUI defense attorney will be able to challenge the validity of police body-cam footage, chemical reports, and field sobriety tests. A good attorney should also have the ability to successfully challenge the validity of a witness’ testimony.

A public defender is a good choice if you don’t want to spend much money on legal representation. These attorneys are usually free of charge, and have a great deal of experience with DUI cases. They know the laws of the state, the most common defenses, and the judges and prosecutors in your area. Their trial experience can help them negotiate a better deal for their clients. So, even if you can’t afford a private DUI defense attorney, you can still hire a good lawyer to fight for you.

Hiring a good DUI defense attorney can help you avoid a suspension. If you are arrested for DUI, your license can be suspended, and it is important that you get an experienced lawyer. A good DUI lawyer will work to protect your rights, keep your license in effect, and keep your DUI case off your criminal record. The attorney will also fight on your behalf if a judge finds that your case isn’t the most serious one.

What Is a Solar Power System?

A solar power system is an alternative energy source for a home or business. It doesn’t rely on utility power, which is expensive and difficult to install. Instead, it produces its own power and stores it. It’s a popular choice for homes in rural areas, since utility power can be expensive. However, it’s not advisable in major cities. In that case, a battery-powered system might be a better option.

A typical solar power system for a home or office should provide enough energy for an entire year. You may want to consider the energy consumption of your home or business to determine the ideal size of your PV system. A typical one-kilowatt system occupies approximately 80 to 360 square feet. The size of the system depends on the amount of energy used and usage habits. A solar professional can help you choose the right size system for your needs.

Depending on your location and the size of your solar panels, you can choose from several different installation options. Ground mounts, for example, can be set into the ground, which is a more convenient option if the roof is too steep. Ground mounts are also cheaper but require a more involved installation. However, ground mount systems offer greater flexibility in the orientation of the panels. With a ground mount, you can tilt the solar panels in order to optimize their output.

A typical photovoltaic (PV) system consists of solar cells connected electrically. These modules are typically two to six feet wide and four to six feet long. Some PV modules are designed to look like traditional roof shingles. These modules are generally mounted on the roof facing south to receive maximum sunlight. A typical photovoltaic system also includes an inverter, which converts direct current into alternating current, which is compatible with standard appliances.

Exo Construction Group offers a variety of solar shingles. Like Apollo, these tiles can be installed over existing concrete tiles or new roofs. The company offers three models with power outputs ranging from 105 to 114W. The solar tiles are more expensive than shingles but still provide a high-quality, attractive, and cost-efficient solution. These shingles come in eight different colors. The SES site also lists state rebate incentives, if any.

The orientation of the roof and the direction of the solar panels also determine the amount of energy that can be produced by the system. In the northern hemisphere, the sun is always in the south. Because of this, south-facing solar panels receive the most sunlight throughout the year. However, if you live in a state where the sun is not as direct, a panel-powered system might be less efficient and cost-effective.

While solar panels are highly efficient and clean, the initial investment can be prohibitively high. However, if you can save as much as possible, you may be able to pay off your system in a matter of a few years. It’s important to remember that solar panels require raw materials that are very expensive. If you can get these materials in bulk, you’ll save a great deal of money. However, solar panels aren’t always cheap and the raw materials aren’t easy to obtain in large quantities. For more detail visit

Teen Counseling: How Does It Develop Teens Healthy Coping Mechanisms

The first step towards effective Teen Counseling is ensuring that your adolescent is receptive to the idea. If your adolescent has been resistant to therapy in the past, introducing a reward can help the relationship. A reward can be as simple as tickets to a favorite band. Although this won’t lock your teen into a long-term relationship with a counselor, it may encourage him or her to continue attending sessions.

Teen Counseling is a service that matches teens with a therapist based on their concerns. Its online platform lets adolescent users search for a therapist based on their issues. The cost varies depending on the qualifications of the therapist and the length of the session. Teen Counseling has a 24-hour chat feature, so there’s no need to wait until your adolescent feels ready for a live session.

Teen Counseling sessions can be scheduled through live chat, phone, or video. All three are convenient, but they require a reliable Internet connection. The live chat option is preferred by many teens. Teens can book a live session from the app and choose their counselor. They must have parental permission and complete an initial questionnaire to be eligible for counseling. They can also subscribe to a paid program. The services are designed to provide support and guidance to teens in a safe environment.

Many parents are concerned about their adolescent’s ability to connect with his or her peers. Their child may seem shy or even angry at times, and may have trouble discussing difficult emotions with friends. Some parents worry that they are losing touch with their child, and feel frustrated with their inability to intervene. Teen counseling helps teens cope with the pressures of adolescence and improve their social and academic performance. In some cases, teens may even be prone to depression and anxiety, which can lead to self-harm.

Whether your adolescent is struggling with depression or anxiety, the benefits of counseling are enormous. Teens benefit from connection with peers as they develop their own sense of identity and coping skills. By connecting with peers, your adolescent will be able to identify unhealthy patterns and develop new, healthy ways to deal with problems. Teens can also make a new sense of the world, develop their capacity to reflect on their experiences, and develop new meanings and perspectives.

The benefits of online Teen Counseling outweigh the disadvantages. The first is that you can conduct counseling virtually anywhere. Online counseling may not be as efficient as in-person counseling, but it saves time and commuting expenses. However, online counseling may compromise confidentiality. Furthermore, online counselors can’t read body language, which is crucial to communicating one’s emotional state. Second, online counseling may not be covered by insurance.

Another downside of Teen Counseling is its fee structure. There are no free trials, no discounts, and no money back guarantee after a month. But there is no cost-free trial and the service does provide a secure environment for your data. It charges for its services, and offers good customer service, although you can cancel at any time. However, it’s important to remember that the service is not intended to replace an in-person therapist. Teen Counseling can be a great option for adolescent mental health needs.

Teen Counseling helps teens develop healthy coping mechanisms and feel less stuck in their daily life. A therapist’s empathy and non-judgmental listening are essential to creating an effective therapeutic relationship. The relationship between therapist and adolescent helps pinpoint the dynamics that limit the adolescent’s ability to cope. By improving interpersonal communication, the therapist can help your adolescent achieve their goals.

A child who feels inhibited might avoid eye contact and shrink in public places. They may also answer questions with a one-word answer. In the end, the aim of therapy is to help your child learn to be more social. A therapist can help you with this by validating the child’s feelings and helping them to learn how to better manage their feelings and thoughts. Ultimately, this helps your adolescent develop the ability to control his or her emotions.

Choosing a Vinyl Fence

Whether you are looking to create a new yard or add on to an existing one, vinyl fencing offers many advantages. If you’re not sure which type is right for your home, read on for more information. Depending on the style and height of your property, a vinyl fence can be both decorative and durable. Here are some important things to consider before making a decision. You’ll be glad you did. It’s time to choose a fence that’s right for you.

A vinyl fence will last you between 20 and 30 years. It’s made of plastic material – a combination of ethylene and chlorine – and is extremely durable. Vinyl won’t fade, chip, crack, or yellow, so your fence will look brand new for months or even years. It will also resist damage from moisture and the environment, meaning less maintenance on your part. And because vinyl is non-recyclable, it will remain a toxic waste in landfills.

Choosing a type of vinyl is important, however. If you don’t feel confident installing a fence yourself, consider hiring a Toronto fence company. Vinyl fences are easy to install, and most of them come as prefabricated panels. You just need to follow the instructions carefully. Don’t attempt to improvise with materials and you could end up with a fence that is unstable and unreliable. So take your time when installing a vinyl fence, and remember to read the instructions carefully.

Choosing a vinyl fence depends on several factors, including your personal preference and your budget. The material thickness and overall cost will determine the price of your fence. You’ll also need to factor in labor and materials costs. Add-ons, such as gateposts, will raise the price. And, as with any other type of fence, the thickness of the vinyl is important. Cheaper vinyl fences are made of thin materials and will deteriorate easily. On the other hand, thicker vinyl fences require less maintenance and are easier to repair.

Choosing a vinyl fence is a great choice for your home. It is easy to maintain, requires no painting or staining, and does not fall victim to insects. Another great advantage of a vinyl fence is that it won’t rot, warp, or fall prey to decay. It will also not splinter or fall prey to rust. And, unlike wood, a vinyl fence is nonporous.

A vinyl fence also requires little maintenance, but you do need to be vigilant about cleaning it. The mildew, algae, and mold can grow on the surface. If the vinyl fence is situated near a sprinkler, you’ll want to scrub the area with water and dish soap. However, this may not work for all stains. If the stain is very stubborn, you can use a gentle dish detergent and a soft-brist brush to scrub the area.

Another benefit of a vinyl fence is that it’s relatively inexpensive. Installing a vinyl fence usually costs less than a wooden fence. Vinyl fences are also easy to maintain because they don’t need much maintenance and can maintain their appearance for many years. Most vinyl materials are stronger than wood, so they’ll last longer than wood fences. And with a lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that your vinyl fence will last for many years to come. For more details visit

Finding the Best Solar Energy Equipment

When it comes to finding the Best Solar Energy Equipment, quality is of prime importance. The best solar panels are those made by Eco Energy Solar Panel experts, and these are undoubtedly the best in the business. For the best solar panels, it’s crucial to consider the temperature coefficient. If your climate is extremely cold or hot, then the 22.8%-efficient SunPower A-Series may not be the best choice for you. It may be more cost-effective to opt for a non-standard design that has more cells, but you’ll have to consider its compatibility with future product generations. Aesthetics is another important factor to consider. Black PV modules are generally more expensive than white and red versions.

Sunrun’s panels and inverters are also the best. Their warranty is an impressive 25-year span. You don’t have to register for it and the modules are guaranteed to work flawlessly for that amount of time. This warranty applies automatically. It also has no restrictions on the installer, and you can expect the solar panel to function flawlessly for many years. The warranty is only available in the U.S., so the best deals come from Asian and Chinese manufacturers. The best solar panels use monocrystalline solar cell technology.

Warranty is another important factor to consider. Considering solar panels are expensive, a company’s warranty coverage is crucial. SunPower offers a 25-year warranty that covers all solar system elements, including storage add-ons. In addition to their 25-year warranty, ADT Solar formerly known as Sunpro Solar also offers a lifetime power-production guarantee. The manufacturer’s warranty will provide you with the peace of mind you need when it comes to solar energy.

Another thing to consider when buying solar panels is the weather. The panels are constantly exposed to the elements, and a good temperature coefficient will help them withstand the heat. They should also be able to support several inches of snow. It’s important to remember that the panels are exposed to harsh conditions, so the climate in your area is also important. If you live in a region with high winds, make sure that the panels you buy are designed for the harsh conditions.

Full-sized solar panels typically provide between 275 and 400 watts. The most efficient solar panels are those made Eco Energy Solar Power experts which use N-type monocrystalline silicon cells. But if you’re on a tight budget, you may be better off with direct-to-consumer panels from companies such as Los Angeles Solar Power. 

While monocrystalline panels are the most efficient, they’re also the most expensive. Monocrystalline panels are best suited for small rooftops, and may be the only viable option if your roof is too small. On the other hand, polycrystalline panels are made of silicon, but they’re assembled from smaller fragments. While they’re not as efficient as monocrystalline panels, polycrystalline panels are more affordable. So, if you’re looking for the Best Solar Energy Equipment, you’ve come to the right place. And don’t forget to read the reviews about each product.

Another important factor in choosing the Best Solar Energy Equipment is your climate. Some panels have a higher tolerance for temperature than others. If you live in a hot region, you’ll want to choose a solar panel that has a temperature coefficient of 0.26 or better. The best solar panels will keep their peak output even as the external temperature rises. If you live in a warm climate, you’ll want to choose a product that can withstand the summer heat.

When it comes to modules, Eco Energy produces  high-quality solar panels.  As long as you know which brand you want to buy, you’ll be able to find quality solar equipment that fits your budget. Don’t overlook Eco Energy – they have the best solar panels. They’re also some of the most affordable.

How to Choose the Right Sign for Your Business

Business signs can help create brand recognition for your business. They are versatile and can be applied to any surface. A poster can be placed anywhere and canvas prints are ready for hanging. If you need to change your business sign, consider using one of these resources. If you are unsure of how to get started, contact Arlington Sign Company experts. One of their representatives can help you design and print a business sign. 

When selecting a business sign, keep the following factors in mind. The orientation of your business will play a big role in its optimal placement. If you have a parking lot, your signage may need to be located at a lower height. However, if you have a store in a shopping mall or corner, your signage will need to be more dramatic. Also, you may have a specific type of customer in mind. Once you’ve figured out the audience, you can select the right type of business sign to match.

Business signage is an excellent way to increase traffic in your store. Most consumers believe that signs reflect the quality of a business. Whether you’re a small business that sells clothing or a multinational corporation, business signs will attract customers who are looking for the items you sell. Signs also help create brand recognition by establishing a brand name. One-third of consumers will make a purchase based on what they see on a business sign.

A plywood sign is a low-cost option that has the added advantage of being affordable. It can cost as low as $50 without installation, but can reach up to $192 with installation. However, these signs are susceptible to weather damage, so they may need to be replaced often. Nonetheless, plywood signs are an excellent option for high-end retailers or restaurants with a rustic theme. If you’re looking for a simple yet stylish business sign, a painted plywood sign may be your best option.

LED sign boards and marquee signs are two popular types of business signs. They are large, bright, and flashy and display a message in LED lights. They can be adjusted in real time and are a popular choice for entertainment venues. The ADA’s rules on signage are quite strict, so you’ll need to check the regulations for your area before you order your signs. If you’re not sure what to choose, contact a professional sign company.

Business signs are important marketing tools. They must be eye-catching and convey information effectively. Make your signage as eye-catching as possible! You can use online sign makers like Canva or Fiverr, or even hire a professional sign maker. Billboards can also help your business reach a larger audience. However, small businesses should consider starting locally and expanding from there. If your business is not able to afford billboards or other large ads, a local sign is a good option.

Another type of sign is a pylon. These are tall signs mounted on a concrete or steel pole. These signs are often seen beside major roads, but drivers approaching them can only read them when they are far away. With pylon signs, they can be seen from a great distance, which is not easy to miss. Regardless of which type of sign you choose, you should consider the cost and size of the signage. And remember, not all signs are created equal!

Channel letters are another popular type of business sign. They can spell out a business name or logo in an attractive, modern way. Channel letters can also be used with other types of business signs. Some are lit, while others are not. Most channel letters are made with an aluminum casing. Using a metal casing would make them heavier and more difficult to mount. Aluminum alloy is also resistant to rust. So, when you’re shopping for a new business sign, be sure to consider your options.

You can choose between standee and roll-up banners. Both are durable, inexpensive options that can be reused for years. Standee banners are a great choice for outdoor signs because they are reusable and can last for five years. If you are on a budget, consider the advantages of standees and portable banners. If you have limited space, you can choose any type of signage. Just remember that a good sign will draw a lot of attention!

Choosing the Right Tax Fraud Defense Lawyer

Hiring the best Tax Fraud Defense Lawyer

Choosing the right tax fraud defense attorney is crucial if you want to avoid a conviction and avoid a tax penalty. In criminal tax cases, a lawyer has to be particularly knowledgeable to fight for you. Federal agents may use deceit, trickery, or impersonation to gather evidence to file an investigation. Courts have upheld these tactics, but the best lawyer can protect you and make the process as painless as possible.

The experience of your tax fraud attorney is also essential. He or she must have experience handling cases against the federal government and negotiating with IRS agents. Furthermore, your lawyer must have worked for the government or a law firm that defends taxpayers. For example, Brandon Keim, a Certified Tax Law Specialist, has experience working for the IRS and the Justice Department. He joined Frazer Ryan after six years with the IRS. During that time, he won the Chief Counsel National Award for Outstanding Litigation.

An experienced tax lawyer will work on your case as a team, pooling their expertise and experience to fight your charges. Federal and state tax enforcement agencies have become increasingly aggressive in pursuing tax crimes, so hiring a criminal defense lawyer is essential. Attorneys can advise you on all questions posed by the IRS, and can even help you with federal criminal investigations. If you are under investigation for tax fraud, you may also face money laundering charges.

Robert Barnes is one of the most experienced tax fraud defense attorneys available, with a reputation for obtaining acquittals. He is also well-known for defending high-profile clients such as Vernie Kuglin, Joe Banister, and Jerry Marchelletta. In fact, he is a former IRS Special Agent, and explains unique tax fraud defense strategies to clients in free consultations.

A winning tax case requires a winning tax fraud defense attorney. Tax fraud cases are typically lengthy, and a skilled attorney can make the difference between a conviction and dismissal. Hiring the best tax fraud defense lawyer will help you get the best possible result and minimize the financial penalty. By following these tips, you can be sure to hire the best tax fraud defense lawyer to protect your rights and ensure a successful case. If you are facing criminal tax charges, hiring the best tax fraud defense lawyer will help you fight back.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) criminal investigation division is very effective at proving a case against you. Even if the evidence points in your favor, it is not privileged or confidential. A well-crafted response from a seasoned criminal tax fraud defense lawyer can make the difference between a conviction and dismissal. And it’s worth hiring a lawyer who’s been in the same situation as you.

An experienced tax fraud defense lawyer will know the laws and regulations to best defend you. A tax fraud lawyer will be honest with the IRS and work with your lawyer to help you reduce the consequences of the tax evasion case. With a well-prepared tax defense lawyer, you can avoid jail time and a heavy fine. In criminal cases, the defense attorney will present evidence in court to prove your innocence. With a skilled tax fraud defense lawyer on your side, you can enjoy the benefits of a professional legal team at a fraction of the cost of the penalties associated with a criminal conviction.

How to Make Your Vinyl Signs and Graphics Stand Out

Whether you need a unique signage design for your office, school, or athletic arena, vinyl signs and graphics are a great option. Unlike other types of signage, vinyl is a flexible material that allows for customization and comes in a variety of sizes. If you have a large space to decorate, vinyl graphics can transform a plain area into a visually appealing space. Here are some tips to make your signage stand out.

Vinyl signage is highly versatile and is a great choice for businesses that want to maximize surface area. It can be applied to windows, drywall, and even glass, giving your company a new and innovative look. You can even wrap a vehicle with vinyl graphics. This versatile material is easy to update, and its variety of designs allows you to express your unique personality. You’ll be proud to show off your new graphics and signs. You can even order vinyl lettering for your company’s logo.

If you’re planning on printing your vinyl signs and graphics, you’ll need to choose the right type for the job. You can find many different types of vinyl, including reflective, and holographic. If you’re going to apply vinyl signs on a glossy surface, you should choose reflective vinyl. Reflective vinyl will reflect light when you shine it on it, making your graphics or decals pop at night. If you’re trying to stand out from the crowd at night, reflective vinyl is an excellent choice. if you’re looking for vinyl signs, look no further than Mark Your Space in Calumet City.

Domestic Violence Attorney – Filing and Preparing Domestic Violence Case

If you’re facing domestic violence charges, hiring an experienced domestic violence attorney is essential to ensuring your best possible outcome. Regardless of the charge, you will be required to appear in court multiple times and may need to defend your innocence in order to keep your freedom. Hiring an experienced domestic violence attorney can help you navigate the process and understand your rights and options. Among the many benefits of hiring an attorney, they understand the legal system and will be able to explain your case clearly to the judge. They can also help you prepare your case for sentencing.

When you hire a domestic violence attorney, you will benefit from a wide variety of legal services, including a consultation. Check out for guidance and Free Consultation! Many domestic violence attorneys have profiles that list their education, biographical information, firm websites, and other relevant information. Some of these profiles also include a contact form so that you can easily connect with a divorce attorney in West Palm Beach. You can even contact a domestic violence attorney online using the firm’s website.

An experienced domestic violence attorney will also know the legal processes to help you obtain restraining orders or other forms of protection. If you’re the accused of domestic violence, you may need to seek child custody and support. Domestic violence accusations may also affect a person’s ability to get a job or hold a professional license. An experienced domestic violence attorney will be able to help you with all aspects of your case, from drafting a compelling character packet to presenting your side of the story to the prosecutor. They can even get your charges dropped entirely or dismissed altogether.

Depending on the type of domestic violence, a domestic violence attorney will be able to help you file a petition for divorce or alimony. An experienced attorney will be able to provide the necessary legal advice and representation and fight for the best possible outcome for you. Whether your case is serious or a simple misdemeanor, hiring a competent domestic violence attorney is vital. You need to hire an experienced domestic violence attorney in order to avoid losing your case.

If you are accused of domestic violence, you should hire an attorney to help you avoid the serious consequences. In most cases, the penalties for domestic violence are misdemeanors. You could spend anywhere from $500 to $5,000, and you could be sentenced to as little as a year in jail. Hiring an experienced domestic violence attorney will help you avoid serious consequences and avoid any unnecessary jail time. If you’re not guilty, it’s important to speak with a qualified domestic violence attorney before your court date.

You should also consider the impact of the charge on your life. A conviction will alter the way you are seen by others, including your future job prospects and home. If you have children, a conviction can affect them severely. A domestic violence attorney can fight for your best interests and protect your children’s future. In addition to the criminal consequences, a domestic violence conviction can affect your ability to get custody of them. A domestic violence conviction can be a serious and life-changing experience for you and your family. An experienced domestic violence attorney will help you navigate this complicated and often stressful time.