Guide to Boat Detailing

Boat detailing is not just painting a boat white. It also involves treating the boat with special cleaners and polishes that make it look like new and bring back its luster and elegance. The total process, which includes cleaning and polishing boat inside and out, can cost anywhere between several hundred dollars to several thousand bucks depending on the size and condition of your boat.

Typically, a boat detailing expert will charge you by the hour, with rates varying depending on the boat’s size, use, and material used to build the boat. For example, if you’re having a boat restoration done on a 24-foot yacht, the hourly rate would be higher than if you were having the same work done on a 40-foot fishing boat. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend more money than you can afford. There are several boat cleaning and restoration companies in Palm Harbor, Florida, that offer reasonable rates and quality services.

Saltwater or freshwater boat detailing entails two main parts: cleaning and waxing the boat interior and exterior. Interior cleaning usually involves removing surface dirt and grease with a cleaning brush, using mild soap and water, and buffing the surfaces with a dry towel. Exterior cleaning usually involves washing the boat with a strong detergent solution and applying a protective coat of wax. Waxing, which is generally applied after the cleaning process, seals the surfaces and provides an even coat of protection against staining and wears down over time. Many boat detailing experts recommend applying boat wax at least twice a year to protect the boat’s finish from stains and damages caused by saltwater splashes and moisture.

The size of a boat also affects its value and is one of the reasons why boat detailing is sometimes done. Different-sized boats may need to undergo repairs and modifications, so they will have to be cleaned differently. Cleaned boats also help increase the resale value of a boat because buyers tend to want larger boats. You can add-ons, such as floor mats and carpet, to increase the comfort level of your boat, which can be reflected in its value.

Boat detailing requires specialized equipment, which includes high-powered water jetting machines and detailing brushes. It can be done at any boat detailing shop, although expert advice is always recommended. Professional boat detailers should always use the latest cleaning and detailing equipment because the equipment they use will determine how clean your boat is, what damages it has, and how long it will take to be restored. If you are considering having your boat detailed, it is important to research the company thoroughly. Find out how long the company has been in business, how they are able to provide quality service, what equipment they use, what the prices include, how the detailing process will go, how the job will be completed, and how the company will respond to any questions or concerns that you may have.

There are two basic types of boat detailing, shampooing and waxing. Shampooing uses a chemical solution that removes surface dirt, grease, and debris. The process does not clean the boat itself, but rather just removes the build up of contaminants. Using a good detailing soap is very important, because the manufacturer recommends the specific type of cleaner to be used on the boat and that will determine what type of results you will achieve. The proper detailing soap for your boat depends on its purpose. For example, if you want the cleaner to be on the bottom and you want the cleaner on the top, the soap used will be different from the soap used if you want the top to be cleaned as well as the bottom.