Advice and Guidelines about Bathtub Installation

“We have a quality tub that is installed by professionals who make sure everything fits right, so that when it’s time to install your tub, there is no guessing or fixing. The professional plumber also comes handy with advice on things you may not have thought of before, but should after looking at pictures. Their advice and guidance have saved us a lot of money in the past few years.” Karen H., Commercial Building Owner


“I thought Fresno Tub companies were just for outdoor use only. Recently, my wife saw our tub in the bathroom and asked me how we could afford such a luxury. My response was that I don’t think we are that rich, but she was more intrigued, and we looked online to see what kind of tubs were available.” David J.


“I have two bathrooms, one in my house and one in my garage. The size of the bathrooms is a concern since neither is big enough to accommodate freestanding tubs. The two tubs I have installed are so different in style and quality that I would not even guess which is which. The garage tub looks more modern and is probably less expensive.”


“After doing some research, we discovered that the cost of our plumbing and the cost of our new tubs are about the same, depending upon the size and style. Installing a bathtub can be very expensive, but the cost of replacing the tub if it needs replacement far exceeds the cost of the installation. The most important thing that someone should do before installing a tub in their bathroom is learn as much as possible about plumbing and the particular product they will be replacing. This knowledge can save the homeowner a lot of future problems. A local professional can usually help a person learn about the advantages and disadvantages of any given product before making an appointment to have it installed.”


“The bathroom is not the only room in the house where a tub should be installed. In fact, tubs are very useful in many other areas of the home. We purchased a tub that seats four and it looks great in our living room. It also has a secondary function, as an exercise chair.”


“Tubs can be installed almost anywhere in the house. If you decide to put a tub in your kitchen, you won’t need a plumber. The average homeowner can easily replace the bathtub with a shower stall. People also install whirlpools in their bathrooms. Whirlpools are a luxury that no longer has to be thought of as a luxury!”