How to Choose the Right Spot for Your Apparel Embroidery

In the apparel embroidery business, there are a variety of advantages to choosing the right spot for your embroidery. If your logo is large, it may be best to position it on the back, where it can be easily seen. You can also choose to place it on the shoulder or below the collar. This is especially useful for businesses with products that are visible from the back. However, most companies opt to place their logos on the left side of the garment, so that their customers can easily identify them. In addition, you can also specify which side you want your logo to be embroidered. However, it is important to remember that you cannot place a tight surface-level embroidery on garments with zippers or buttons.

Apparel embroidery is an excellent way to promote a brand or make a company look more reputable. Embroidery is a permanent form of printing, and the colors will not fade over time. Plus, the thin thread that is used for embroidery is flexible and can be fitted to any body part. And because embroidery is so durable, it can last for a long time, even when washed repeatedly. Not only can you use it to promote your brand, but it can also be used as a tag.

Embroidery threads come in two different types: polyester and rayon. The former is more durable and shiny, and it is the preferred choice for delicate clothing. Most corporate apparel, golf polos, and retail directed garments use this type of thread. Polyester is less shiny, but it can withstand dyes and other materials that may be used on clothes. Hence, it is a popular choice for sports uniforms, corporate apparel, and golf polos.

Screen printing is another method of decorating apparel. The difference between screen printing and embroidery is the quality of the work and the cost. The latter is a more expensive process, but it is a high-quality, more detailed method of decoration. This type of embroidery allows for multiple colors and can include multiple layers. It can also be used to create large, detailed designs.

Apparel embroidery can be an affordable option for high-quality logos. However, you should also be aware of the limitations. Some designs require simplification in order to be embroidered. For example, the Amanda’s Lemonade Stand logo required a re-design. The logo was reduced in size, and the shadows and gradients on the lemons were eliminated. The details of the cookie were also simplified for the embroidery process.

You can also choose the type of embroidery you want. Embroidery works best on thicker garments. It is also more durable and long-lasting than printing, and it can be a better option for larger designs. While the cost of this process may be higher than printing, it is definitely more cost-effective. It can also make your company look more professional and well-branded. A good embroidery and printing company has highly skilled embroidery specialists who will ensure the accuracy and quality of the work. They will also take into account any special needs you may have for your apparel.